AYA 마사지

AYA 마사지

  • 위치 : 방콕, 아속, 스쿰빗 23 (쏘이 카우보이 도보 5분)

  • 영업시간 : 12:00 – 23:00 (연중 무휴, 일부 공휴일 제)

  • 웹사이트 : ayamassagebangkok.com

  • 메신저 : 라인ID @ayamassagebkk

  • 전화번호 : 02-007-0077

모로코 장식과 아시아의 신비로움이 융합된 럭셔리하고 쿨한 완전히 새로운 마사지

아라비안한 초호화 럭셔리룸!
사우나가 딸린 방에서 플레이!
술한잔 후 즐길 수 있는 아속 지역에 입지!

소속 선수 – Ladies

코스/가격 – Course/Price


    >  기본코스 ( 모든 코스는 풀서비스 포함 )

   30분 1,000 바트
   40분 2,000 바트
   50분 2,220 바트
   60분 2,400 바트
   70분 2,600 바트
   80분 2,800 바트
   90분 3,000 바트


    >  옵션

    룸 업그레이드 – 자쿠치 (Vip Jaccuzy) + 500 바트
    룸 업그레이드 – 누루 (Vip Nuru Mat) + 800 바트
   스타킹 (Stocking) + 100 바트
   애널 (Anal) + 1,000 바트
   2 타임 (2Time Shot) + 1,000 바트
   2 레이디 (2 Ladies) + 2,000 바트
   출장서비스 (Out Call Service) + 500 바트


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Ryan Norman
Ryan Norman
12:45 18 Apr 23
My first time at Aya was so satisfying that I went back the very next day. I chose the petite but charming young Lika. She has a cheerful disposition and the sixty minutes were absolute bliss. The room was as spotlessly clean as the day before.Thank you Lika
Devansh Singh
Devansh Singh
19:01 19 Mar 23
It was an okay-ish experience. I was excited after seeing 4.8 star raring on google but was disappointed with the actual experience. I paid for 60 mins but only got 50 mins because it was rushed. I’ve had a much better experience at soapies. I would rate the massage as 6/10 and the “happy” part as 3/10. Not worth a second visit and if you have been to a soapy then not even worth the first visit.I had a much better experience at one of the cheaper end nuru massage centres in bkk.
Yorkie Sevenoh
Yorkie Sevenoh
15:20 18 Jan 23
The real deal. 100% satisfied. Clean, well managed, safe. My first time, go big or go home > 4 hand jaccuzzi. "Den" is remarkable. Well worth it. Glad I did a little research. I'd give it 10 stars
Ian Blokes492
Ian Blokes492
23:47 30 Dec 22
First ever Nuru Massage as a couple and wow! So glad we did!Yammi and Beer are the sweetest and most gorgeous girls to have been our first experience! They were not only great fun but highly skilled.The premises were welcoming and the girls stunning!Thank you ladies you were amazing!Xxx
07:48 12 Oct 22
It was my first massage experience in Bangkok and I really enjoy it. Zen make me feel comfortable, she is very friendly and her massage was amazing !!!I also like the oriental atmosphere of this place.I highly recommended Aya Massage !French happy boy
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